After finding her niche in the e-commerce world, Jo Goldstein has built a creative and user focussed background. 

Starting out at Massey University in Wellington, she completed a Bachelor of Design, understanding along the way that her strengths lay in creative direction and producing strong visuals that engage and target an audience. 

Keen to see a bit more of the world, home became NYC for a three month stint as an Online Styling and Production Intern at Opening Ceremony. Completely invaluable, this experience was where she first encountered the world of e-commerce and developed some key ideas to bring home to the evolving online world in New Zealand. 

Joining Superette right on the brink of e-commerce taking off in NZ, Jo worked as the Online Customer Service Co-Ordinator before moving into the Product and Online VM Manager role as the company grew. A pretty unique role, it included customer interaction, website functionality, online copy, product management and photoshoot direction for web, marketing, and campaigns.

After more than three years at Superette, Jo has relocated to Paris and is in the process of relaunching the original bikini brand, She has brought her enthusiasm and solid Kiwi work ethic with her.